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Postnatal Sankofa Course

Time to enter the nurturing zone. The Abuela Doulas Postnatal Sankofa course will take you into deep, nurturing postnatal care. This is the course for you!

Why Postnatal Sankofa?

Sankofa is a principle from the Akan tribe in Ghana. The spirit of Sankofa encompasses taking from the past what is good and bringing it into the present to make progress in the future.

For too long the postnatal period has been the Cinderella of doula work. It has lacked the ‘glamour’ of birth work. It is often tacked on to the end of birth work as an optional extra. Being a postnatal doula was all about the jobs and the doing with and for our clients.

Abuela Doulas want to kick that into the past and focus in on nurturing, nourishing and valuing the people that birth babies. Many of the ‘new’ practises that we are seeing within the birth world, for the postnatal period, are simply the appropriation of traditional practises from around the world. Bones and belly binding, yoni steams, baby carrying, the 40 day lying in period, the use of oils and healing foods. 

Abuela teaches you where these traditions have come from and how to utilise your cultural heritage in nourishing clients.

Practice Areas

The postnatal course is about going deeper into the cultural practices and traditions of different people groups and family set ups. It is about nurturing and nourishing the new parent.

You will have the opportunity to look back into your own cultural heritage and how bringing ancestral wisdom forward aids your work as a postnatal doula.

Introduction to Inclusive Postpartum Doula Care

- Define the concept of inclusive postpartum doula care and its importance

- Explore the benefits of providing nurturing and nourishing support to diverse families

Embracing Cultural Safety in Postpartum Doula Practice

- Understanding cultural safety and its role in supporting families of diverse backgrounds

- Exploring potential biases and challenges in doula care and how to address them

Different World Cultures and Postpartum Traditions

- Study postpartum practices and traditions from various cultures worldwide

- How to incorporate culturally appropriate practices while respecting family choices

Effective Communication Strategies

- Learning active listening techniques to better understand families' needs

- Communication tools for clear and compassionate interactions with diverse families

Providing Supportive Information and Resources

- How to present information in diverse formats (written, visual, verbal) to cater to various learning styles

- Building a diverse resource library for families with information from different cultural backgrounds

Nurturing the New Mother and Baby

- Techniques for physical and emotional support during the postpartum period

- Postpartum recovery tips and practices from various cultures

Newborn Care and Feeding Support

- Different feeding methods and how to support each family's choice

- Hands-on practice in newborn care techniques with a focus on inclusivity

Addressing Postpartum Mental Health

- Understanding postpartum mood disorders and cultural considerations

- Providing emotional support and connecting families with appropriate resources

Case Studies and Role-Playing Scenarios

- Analysing diverse postpartum scenarios and developing inclusive support plans

- Role-playing exercises to practice culturally sensitive interactions

Self-Reflection and Cultural Competence

- Identifying personal biases and beliefs that may impact doula care;

- Strategies for ongoing self-improvement and cultural competence;

Cultivating a Supportive and Inclusive Doula Practice

- Creating an inclusive doula business that welcomes families of diverse backgrounds

- Marketing strategies to reach and support a broad range of client

- Group reflection and sharing of experiences

Pay in Full
September 2023 (online)
One Time Payment
Pay in 3
September 2023 (online)
/ x 3

On Completion You Will Have...

Your certificate as an official Abuela Doula! (Everyone loves a certificate)

Lifetime access to our closed Abuela Doula Community. So you can continue building the friendships and support network you create during your course long after you’re finished.

The props that come with being trained by a pioneer in the field. (That’s me!) Plus, you’ve got me in your corner for the rest of your working life. Because a relationship doesn’t stop when the course ends.

A solid understanding of inclusive and loving doula care. The skills needed to support birthing people and families during labour and birth, and how to support the postpartum period.

The tools you need.  To advocate for your clients and take care of yourself as you continue your work as a doula.

The confidence to know how to support different families in the days after birth, with cultural safety to ensure that every family is nurtured and nourished.

Pay in Full
September 2023 (online)
One Time Payment
Pay in 3
September 2023 (online)
/ x 3

The Bonuses

Tote Bag. A beautiful teal-green Abuela Doulas tote bag, that you can use to carry your course materials.

A beautiful Abuela Doula Notebook. To make notes on your thoughts, reflections and aha moments throughout the course.

A Workbook. To collate all of your learning.

Promotional Templates. With A series of fully customisable templates to promote your business.

WhatsApp Support. Two weeks in a WhatsApp group with your course facilitators to help get you started.

As an Abuela Doula, you will work inclusively with cultural safety, honouring the cultures and traditions of the families that you work with. You will be able to travel across the world to nourish and nurture your clients, inspiring confidence and wellness in every family.

Pay in Full
September 2023 (online)
One Time Payment
Pay in 3
September 2023 (online)
/ x 3

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