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Inclusive, intersectional birthkeeper training

“Compared to other courses, I felt this was a safe space for me to talk, share and learn.”



Rooted is the only doula training programme in the world that gives you all the practical knowledge and training you need to attend to and advocate for someone during birth, as well as the cultural grounding you need to truly support them as a doula, and the business training you need if you’re going to make a go of this professionally.

It’s the product of my decades of experience as a doula to parents of all sorts, from straightforward pregnancies right through to ‘high-risk’ multiples, as well as the experience and training of some of the Leading Lights in the world of birth.

Business for Birthworkers

It’s time to change the narrative of business as a birthworker and to that end we are going to spend eight weeks looking at all things business.

This starts with your mindset and your relationship with your business. We then move towards strategy and obstacles. By the end of the eight weeks at least one area of your business will be transformed.

Birth Doula Course

A doula preparation course is just what it says… a course that prepares you to become a doula. Once you have completed the Abuela Doula Preparation course, you will be able to begin to work as a doula. However, this is just the beginning as we emphasise the importance of extended study after the course.

Postnatal Sankofa Course

The postnatal course is about going deeper into the cultural practices and traditions of different people groups and family set ups. It is about nurturing and nourishing the new parent.

You will have the opportunity to look back into your own cultural heritage and how bringing ancestral wisdom forward aids your work as a postnatal doula.

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