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Birth Doula Training Course

A doula preparation course is just what it says… a course that prepares you to become a doula.

Once you have completed the Abuela Doula Preparation course, you will be able to begin to work as a doula. However, this is just the beginning as we emphasise the importance of extended study after the course. This can be undertaken in your own time, but in order to be the best doula that you can be, we recommend that each year you do some form of additional training/study. These can be workshops, full courses, webinars, whatever you choose to do.

Why Abuela Doulas Birth Doula Course?

Inclusive care acknowledges the cultural values, beliefs, and practices of different families. Doulas who understand and respect these aspects can build stronger relationships, promote trust, and deliver culturally competent care that addresses the specific needs of a diverse set of families. This is an absolute minimum standard. When you train with Abuela Doulas, this is woven within the course and not given as an addition to the course.

We believe that inclusion transcends a short module in a course and is integral to all aspects of our training and your lives.

Practice Areas

You will receive a pre course module to begin, and hopefully complete, before we meet together. You will also receive a reading list, which includes a few podcasts to listen to and videos to watch.

You will be expected to complete a post course project before your final assessment date.

- Defining inclusivity and love in doula care;

- Exploring the role of a doula as a companion and advocate;

- Understanding the importance of cultural humility and sensitivity.

- Reviewing the stages of labour and birth;

- Understanding common medical interventions and their risks and benefits;

- Identifying ways to support birthing people through medical procedures;

- Exploring non-medical pain management techniques;

- Learning how to create a calm and supportive birth environment;

- Identifying ways to support birthing people's coping strategies.

- Understanding the importance of informed consent and refusal;

- Learning how to support birthing people's decision-making;

- Identifying ways to advocate for respectful and culturally appropriate care;

- Understanding the unique role of partners and family members in birth;

- Learning how to involve and support partners and family members;

- Identifying ways to promote positive and respectful relationships among all parties involved.

- Understanding the physical and emotional changes that occur postpartum;

- Identifying ways to support postpartum recovery and healing;

- Learning how to provide breastfeeding and newborn care support;

- Understanding the impact of birth on mental health and wellbeing;

- Identifying signs of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders;

- Learning how to provide emotional support and appropriate referrals;

- Understanding the importance of self-care in doula work;

- Identifying ways to manage stress and prevent burnout;

- Learning how to set boundaries and prioritise personal wellbeing.

Pay in Full
One Time Payment
Pay in 3
/ x 3

On Completion You Will Have...

Your certificate as an official Abuela Doula! (Everyone loves a certificate)

Lifetime access to our closed Abuela Doula Community. So you can continue building the friendships and support network you create during your course long after you’re finished.

The props that come with being trained by a pioneer in the field. (That’s me!) Plus, you’ve got me in your corner for the rest of your working life. Because a relationship doesn’t stop when the course ends.

A solid understanding of inclusive and loving doula care. The skills needed to support birthing people and families during labour and birth, and how to support the postpartum period.

The tools you need.  To advocate for your clients and take care of yourself as you continue your work as a doula.

Pay in Full
One Time Payment
Pay in 3
/ x 3

The Bonuses

Tote Bag. A beautiful teal-green Abuela Doulas tote bag, that you can use to carry your course materials.

A beautiful Abuela Doula Notebook. To make notes on your thoughts, reflections and aha moments throughout the course.

A Workbook. To collate all of your learning.

Promotional Templates. With A series of fully customisable templates to promote your business.

WhatsApp Support. Two weeks in a WhatsApp group with your course facilitators to help get you started.

The Abuela Doulas birth course will equip you with the tools you need to provide compassionate, effective, and inclusive support to birthing people and their families during one of the most transformative and vulnerable times in their lives.

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