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About Abuela Doulas

Mars About

“Abuela Doulas is the first Black owned, founded and created UK Doula Course. There is a wisdom in the stories that our grandmothers tell us. It’s the medicine of generations. The stories of our collective pasts, and the hope for our future. The world of birth is not new and neither is the work of the birthkeeper. When you decide to become an Abuela doula, you will be encouraged to reach back into your cultural heritage to bring forward the traditions of your mothers / birthing persons and your mothers’ mothers.

The role of a doula is to support and to be with women as they travel through pregnancy, birth and those early postnatal days. To sit in and share the wisdom of the Abuelas, the grandmother”

Mars is a coach and birth activist. A triple award winning doula, mentor, educator and coach with over 18 years experience, Mars is in high demand, both in the UK and across the world, as a speaker, trainer and Inclusion Consultant to several large companies causing them to look deep into their practise to make systemic and structural change.

Lorna brings a wealth of experience to her work as a birth and postnatal doula and this makes her one of the most sought-after doulas in Birmingham and the West Midlands.

She also provides a number of complementary therapies and postnatal services alongside her doula work.

Lorna is also the CEO and Founder of Black Mamas Birth Village a space for Black pregnant mamas to get support throughout their perinatal period.

Lorna Directory

Mars created the Abuela Doulas primarily, but not exclusively, for Black and Brown women and birthing people. We look forward to welcoming you!