Your Abuela Doula Directory

Your Doula Directory

Choosing a doula is a very personal thing. Your birthkeeper will walk alongside you as you welcome new life into your home. They bring the wisdom of the Abuelas with them. Here are some wonderful Abuela Doulas to choose from:

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Michelle Holmes

07956016761 | |


Michelle is mother, writer, postpartum doula, herbalist and art therapist who supports families and mothers post partum, healing holistically, healing and rewriting family narratives

Croydon | SE/SW London and the Croydon borough

Leah Lewin

07427690616 | |


“It takes a village to raise a child”, I want to bring back the village and bring back the support. Every parent at some stage will face difficulty. This can be anything from staying on top of the laundry to coping with perinatal depression and everything in between. For such a rewarding job it also creates many obstacles: Mum guilt, self-doubt, feeling judged or misunderstood, dealing with physical changes, changes in relationships…. The list is endless and we are never alone…. Even when it feels like it. What if you had somewhere to go, someone to call or something to do to help you through those difficult moments. Somewhere safe, somewhere fun, somewhere with the information and support you need without any judgement.

Northamptonshire | Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Cambridgeshire

Leona Gibbons

07960910617 | |


I’m Leona, mother of two based in South West London. I’ve completed my Birth preparation course with Abuela Doulas and provide Breastfeeding, Birth and Postnatal support for pregnant women, men and their families. I enjoy nature and travelling and take pride in my vegan lifestyle of 7 years.
I would describe my self as spiritual and follow a holistic approach with anything I do, taking into account the mental and emotional care as well as physical.

Lambeth, South West London | SE and SW London

Jane Holder

07971636855 | |


I have over 30 years of experience in pregnancy, birth and supporting families in Bristol and the surrounding areas. A birth and postnatal doula, breastfeeding peer supporter, and a qualified perinatal educator. I am Rastafari and live in Bristol, where I have raised nine children, five girls and four boys, the youngest being identical twins. I have always felt a strong sense of responsibility to family and the role of being a mother.  I am passionate about human rights, advocacy, inclusivity, empowerment, and I’m an active ally. I bring dignity, respect, cultural sensitivity and competency with knowledge and practical expertise into all aspects of my work. I aim to support and uplift families to have positive, safe births and nurturing postpartum experiences. Providing personalised care, being present with families through kindness, creativity, intuition, an understanding of birth and importantly at the heart of everything I do…… BRING LOVE.

Bristol | Bristol and surrounding area

Kim Roberts (They/Them)

07397869910 | |

Kim wears a baby doll in a striped wrap


I am a full spectrum queer doula. I have worked within the childcare industry for 20 years. I am one of 9 children and I have 19 nieces and nephews. I was called to doula life after helping my youngest sibling through postnatal depression. I trained initially with Younique Postnatal and then with Abuela Doula for a more culturally competent approach. I have also attended a workshop with Trystan Reese on how to work with transgender and non-binary parents.

Northolt, West London | West London but willing to travel further.



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