Your Abuela Doula Directory

Your Doula Directory

Choosing a doula is a very personal thing. Your birthkeeper will walk alongside you as you welcome new life into your home. They bring the wisdom of the Abuelas with them. Here are some wonderful Abuela Doulas to choose from:

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Dr Leila Kamala (she/her)

Please email in the first instance | |


I am a mum of two boys, a yoga teacher and a scholar of literature (focusing on African American and Black British literature). I am also a birth doula. I approach preparation for birth and the birth process itself through a range of tools which help you to feel strong, empowered, and supported. I am a firm believer in the power of the breath and the body, and that however natural or medicalised your birth experience is, staying in touch with your own innate power will be of great assistance in embracing the experience. I am also always learning in community, and all of my work nourishes me as I work in partnership with others.

SE London | south-east London and surrounding areas

Jo Dunn (she/her)

07845 659557 | |


Jo Dunn is a birth and post natal Doula of a decade, with some 25 years worth of experience working with families to draw from. Her biggest inspiration is being present as Woman realise their own power to birth their babies on their terms. Jo is fully committed to bringing forth pregnancy, birth and parent education that creates awareness so that parents can make fully informed decisions. Listening to hundreds of families from all corners of the earth over the years has caused her to know that often women are not fully informed by their care providers and that hospital protocols are not rules. From this perspective she has found herself determined that anyone she supports has all of the information that enables them to cultivate a positive birth and post partum experience. It’s her deep knowing that birth should be undisturbed, the birth space protected and the birth rights of all pregnant people held to the highest standards.
Jo is a pet parent, aunty, kitchen wizard, keen traveller and Liverpool fc fan.

NW10 London | NW10, NW3, NW1, NW6, W10, SW11, E8

Sinnead Tanisha Marie Ali (she/her)

07746333326 | |


Having worked in wellness for over six years as a yoga teacher and sex educator; I found my passion lies with Womxn remembering the power of their bodies and intuition. This then led me to birth work and reproductive justice. I want all pregnant people to feel safe and held from conception, birth, and postpartum.

Cardiff, Wales | Cardiff, surrounding areas + online

Nikita Akilapa

07568 598920 | |


As a birth and postpartum Doula, I provide emotional, informational and physical support during pregnancy, birthing and beyond. From yoga & relaxation to hypnobirthing, birth support to breastfeeding advice, I’m here for you. At all stages, I am fully invested in your comfort, safety and empowerment. Throughout your pregnancy, I will keep you informed and equipped with knowledge, and help you prepare for birth. At birthing time, I can advocate for you and your family, protecting and reinforcing your birth preferences. In the weeks after baby arrives, I’ll support you emotionally and practically, to help make your transition to parenthood an easy one.

Muswell Hill, North London | In-person support: North London some of East LondonVirtual support: Anywhere in the world

Naomi Gray

07929720333 | |


Naomi is a birth doula, and would be happy supporting women and their families based in Nottingham and the surrounding areas.
Naomi believes all women should be empowered and supported thoroughly with what happens to their bodies and how they choose to birth their babies. The birthing mother should always be leading the conversation and heard.
Naomi will help navigate you through information and choices you are faced with along your birth journey leading up to meeting your baby and will allow you time and space to think and make decisions. She will spend time to prepare you emotionally, mentally and also spiritually if you would like.
Naomi will be there to support partners and ensure they have the space to discuss feelings, any worries they may have and would ensure to never take over their role. If you do not have a partner or an external support system Naomi can take on this role.
During labour her focus will be to make sure you feel safe, calm, comfortable and in control using coping techniques you would have practiced in previous meetings

Nottingham, East Midlands | Nottingham, Nottinghamshire



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