Your Abuela Doula Directory

Your Doula Directory

Choosing a doula is a very personal thing. Your birthkeeper will walk alongside you as you welcome new life into your home. They bring the wisdom of the Abuelas with them. Here are some wonderful Abuela Doulas to choose from:

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Vicky Walker (she/her)

07971810697 | |


The birthkeeper’s path has unfolded for me over many years. As a practitioner of natural medicine, working in peri-natal health feels like meeting an ancestral calling and being in a space where I can make most positive impact. I apply the skills I have developed to meet the uniqueness of each birth and post partum period. I see birth as a spiritual, physical and emotional event and an important rite of passage where sovereignty is paramount. Deep listening enables me to build connection and support each pregnancy journey in all the many ways it presents itself. I work with homeopathic and herbal medicine and herbal yoni steams, with somatic literacy, yoga and bodywork. I love supporting the often-overlooked period of post partum recovery and integration with massage and traditional closing techniques. I like to accompany these with talking, supportive nutrition, healing plants and remedies to meet the physical and emotional needs of this intense learning period.

London | London & South Herts

Fiona Fairclough (She/her/Empress)

07925277714 | |


I am passionate about supporting mothers and families in the early Postnatal period and beyond. 22 years birthworking experience. Passionate  about breastfeeding and offering support to all breastfeeding mothers. I will soon to be undertake my IBCLC exams and I am also training  to be a medical herbalist. I am a qualified aromatherapist and massage therapist, specialising in pregnancy massage. I love birth work and empowering new parents. Website under construction

07925277714 | London, Buckinghamshire

Marley Hall (she/her)

Please email in the first instance | |


I have been a midwife for 12 years, provide antenatal education and am a hypnobirthing teacher. I also have training in the use of aromatherapy during childbirth. Currently offering antenatal and postnatal care both in person and online.

Surrey | Surrey, London, Berkshire, North Hampshire

Amalia Syeda-Aguirre (She/Her)

Please email in the first instance | |


I’m Amalia and I’m a community organiser, postnatal doula and mama to Kamilo born in 2019.

I prepared well for birth, gathering all the tools and knowledge I would need for an empowering and peaceful experience. However, I totally neglected to think about what I would need after the baby had been born. My own mother died a few years ago and I found myself especially needing her support and guidance during this time.

I felt compelled to learn more about how to support myself and other new parents during this immensely transitional period, while also channeling my abuelas’ postpartum knowledge and traditions from Chile and Bangladesh.

My aim is to make new parents feel seen and heard during their journey of rediscovering themselves in a new role, while also helping them harness their innate parenting wisdom. My services are for all birthing people, inclusive of trans and non-conforming mamas and papas.

South East London | South East London, Brixton, Streatham and Croydon.

Natalie Martello (She/Her)

07704 484321 | |


I am a small but mighty mother of five based in South London.
At various points on my journey through motherhood I have faced discrimination and mistreatment due to my age, race and religion.
These experiences made me passionate about supporting other women and helping them to feel empowered and in control of their own experience.

Alongside being a birth and postnatal doula, I am a breastfeeding peer supporter and trainee hypnobirthing instructor.
I live a plant based lifestyle and enjoy using holistic methods, traditional remedies and recipes to nourish and care for my clients.
My aim is to hold and nurture families, particularly overlooked and marginalised groups, who are all too often left receiving the bare minimum level and expected to be grateful for it.

I want the people I work with to know that they are seen, they are heard and that they are loved at this pivotal time of their lives and beyond.

SE27 South London | All of South London and happy to travel up to 10 miles from SE27



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