Your Abuela Doula Directory

Your Doula Directory

Choosing a doula is a very personal thing. Your birthkeeper will walk alongside you as you welcome new life into your home. They bring the wisdom of the Abuelas with them. Here are some wonderful Abuela Doulas to choose from:

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Pinar Aksu

07768219673 | |


I am a birth and postnatal doula based in SE London, Lewisham. I was born and raised in Izmir, Turkey, and since 2010, I’ve been living in London, which is now my second home.
It was through the birth of my son, that I first experienced the transformative power of birth. I was fortunate to have a doula to support me, and I experienced the incredible support doulas offer not only during labour but also during the whole pregnancy and the fourth trimester, when one feels most vulnerable.
Working with pregnant people and families is my greatest passion. I qualified as a pregnancy yoga teacher soon after becoming a mum myself, and also completed courses on Well woman yoga therapy. My offerings include breathing/meditation/ yoga programs for pregnant people as well as hormone/fertility-friendly yoga and womb healing practices for mums-to-be to help prepare for pregnancy and conscious conception. I also facilitate circles for new mums to help them find their tribes and get the sisterly support they need while raising their babies.
Inclusivity is at the heart of my offerings to you. Having spent nearly 20 years in higher education as a teacher and supporting students from different walks of life and backgrounds, including refugees, immigrants and LGBTQ community, I offer a down to earth, non-judgemental space to hear you and support your choices to have an empowered birthing experience.

SE London | Lewisham, Blackheath, Deptford, Greenwich, Hither Green, Grove Park, Bromley

Natelie Henriques

07983967737 | |


My name is Natelie Henriques I am a full spectrum doula who supports all and recognises the differences we all have so can adapt to whomever I work with. My work for sure is a calling as I have worked with pregnant and people for the past twelve years and have worked as a birth and postnatal doula for the past eight years. I have had the experience of working with a diverse mix of parents to be. My support always aims for birthing people and birth partners to feel emotionally and physically supported so that they are able to make informed choices on where they wish to give birth and have their baby as well as in helping them to make informed choices and decisions about their care and their own unique journey. I personally have no agenda in how a person chooses to give birth I am solely there to walk alongside you respecting your choices offering you evidence-based information. I am honored and privileged to have been invited into so many families as trusted support, and I have and do love watching parents blossom and find their power and confidence which I might add we already have. I am based now in South East London and North Kent.

Bexleyheath | South East London and North Kent

Leila Baker

07875 328470 | |


I am an experienced birth and postnatal Doula, providing sensitive and person-centred care to all kinds of families. I am available for online support anywhere in the world and face to face support on the Isle of Wight. In addition to Doula support I am a qualified pregnancy and postnatal massage therapist.

Isle of Wight | Isle of Wight, online virtual support



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