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Your Doula Directory

Choosing a doula is a very personal thing. Your birthkeeper will walk alongside you as you welcome new life into your home. They bring the wisdom of the Abuelas with them. Here are some wonderful Abuela Doulas to choose from:

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Jasveen Kaur, she/her

07368 209 687 | |


Waheguruji Ka Khalsa, Waheguruji Ki Fateh (the pure ones belong to the Wondrous Almighty, the Wondrous Almighty is always victorious).

I am Jasveen Kaur and I live in West London with my husband and four beautiful sons. I was born into a Sikh family but have only recently started learning and really practising my faith since I had my own children. With the birth of each son I became more spiritual and passionate about connecting to the Almighty. I also became more and more fascinated with birth and so I became a certified doula in 2020 just three months after my youngest son was born, whom I birthed at home just one month into the first lockdown of the covid pandemic.

I have a background in the childcare industry spanning over 20 years and I now support people on their family-building journeys with loving care and traditions originating in South Asia. I will listen to you and tailor my service to your every need with the wisdom passed down from our ancestral mothers, sisters and aunties. You can trust I will meet you at whatever stage you are at in your spiritual journey and support you in achieving ‘the right birth on the day’ for you. I strive to ‘mother the mother’ so you can feel safe and held whilst you mother your newly born rays of light.

West London | West and Greater West London (Hounslow, Ealing, Richmond, Hillingdon, Hammersmith & Fulham, Kensington & Chelsea, Kingston, and surrounding areas)

Imani Lindsay

07884224775 | |


Hi there, I’m Imani. I’m an experienced birth and postnatal doula offering comforting and confidential support within London. I’m committed to honouring your preferences in ways that make you feel seen and cared for, and am passionate about protecting your peace of mind without overshadowing or disempowering you.

As your doula, we’ll work closely to co-create your ideal birth journey. It takes a village to raise a child, and you don’t have to do it alone. I’ll tend to you with respect and consideration, and hold space for you to practice your version of parenthood without judgement. I love to laugh and aim to bring joy to the moments we may share.

London | London

Genelva Meikle (she/her)

07473 649 837  | |


I am Empress Doula and this is my spiritual intention to you:

I act as a vessel for the divine feminine energy and support you in embodying your creativity, femininity and power to grow and nurture your baby.  During which, I can help you connect with, understand and balance your deepest emotions during your beautiful journey.  I will also support you in building and strengthening loving partnerships with those supporting your journey.

My Doula Services

I am a Doula, Reiki Practitioner, Aromatherapist and Tarot Reader.

I offer a holistic and nurturing approach supporting you through pregnancy, labour, birth and after you have your baby. My service is open and inclusive for all birth people and I am here to hold space for you and ensure you are at the centre of your concerns and needs.

During your pregnancy I can help reduce your uncertainty, empower your decision making and enable you to align with your personal birth philosophy.

This is an intimate and magical journey and I will help you feel safe and ensure those supporting you on your journey feel informed and confident to protect you.

Namaste, Genelva xx

East Midlands, Nottingham | South Yorkshire, Sheffield | East Midlands, Nottingham | South Yorkshire, Sheffield

Dessie Joy Lovelace-Hanson (She/Her)

Please email in the first instance | |


Hello and warmest welcome, my name is Dessie. I’m a Queer full-spectrum Doula with training focusing on Birth and End of Life. I believe these transitions should not only be deeply acknowledged and supported but cherished, honoured and celebrated, that’s what my practice aims to do. I’m here to be a listening ear, a helping hand and a companion, one that’s in your corner and aiding you on this magical journey, helping your dream birth become a reality.

Steering away from over-medicalised treatments, we’ll look to natural remedies to help care for the body. As well as using breath work as a tool for connection and guidance.

I’m passionate about being available to all families but especially lower-income families and solo parents and this is reflected in my various price plans and sliding scale fees.

Leeds | Leeds

Aisha A Y Kankiya

07470455446 | |

Peace and Blessings! I am Aisha Amira. I am an East London born, raised and based antenatal and postpartum Doula. I gained my amazing knowledge of birth work through my elders. I am Fulani Doula named after my late great Fulani grandmother. I approach my Doula work with a great connection to my African heritage and traditions. What does this mean for you? This means that I dive back in to my roots to give you the best care during pregnancy and postpartum. I focus my postpartum care around the traditional 40 days, which is celebrated all around the world. The key themes of these 40 days are: love, rest and nourishment. I also offer a variety of additional services which we can definitely have a chat about!

A little bit about me. 

Firstly, my faith forms the foundation of my birthwork! I am an 80s baby, which means I love everything to do with the 80s and the 90s I am an Arsenal fan. I speak Hausa and Spanish. I am a mum of one. I also hold two degrees a BA honours in Language studies with Spanish language and a Masters (MA) in International relations. I absolutely love old school TV, the Desmonds and Fresh Prince of Bel Air are top of my list. Lastly, Bob Marley and Julian Marley are my favourite artists. I love to take walks in nature and creating herbal blends. 

Newham | E6, E7, E12 (Manor Park), E13, E15, E16 and E20



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