Loving My Black Body

Mars Lord

6th February 2017

My black body

My curves, my lines.

My soft voluptuous breasts. My small handfuls.

My deep, rich chocolate.

My velvet Ebony.

My caramel brown.

My light burnt butter.

My cinnamon milk.


Who taught us fear, disgust, shame and distrust of our beautiful bodies.

To recoil from the fluids and mucus plugs of birth.

Causing us to shake our heads and hiss ‘ssssssshhhhhhh, we don’t need to hear that’ 

Why do I have to be taller, shorter, darker, lighter, thinner, fatter?

Why do you find fault with my beautiful black body, my outer garments of this life that I live.

This swollen belly, pulsing with life.

Of dreams unspoken. Life not yet lived.

These passions, these pains, these joyous moments.

Where heartbreak and healing lives.

My beautiful black body is mine.

And I love her.




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