Providing mothers and babies opportunities and knowledge to experience a healthy pregnancy, safe labour and memorable birth while embracing the joys of this new chapter for themselves and their families is a paramount and undeniable right for all.
Pregnancies and births are unique to each situation, and the insightful and obvious clarity that holds true to all during my 14 years as a Doula is that we all have the similar needs, wants and aspirations such as growing in confidence, feeling safe and nurturing connectedness.
My professionalism is imbued with a great sense of joy, calmness, enthusiasm that provides support and empathic listening which uplifts the pregnant mother of the power and strength she holds in her birth journey.
My combined therapies of massage, reiki, vagina steaming enhances the client’s experience of womanhood and motherhood, bringing healing, cleansing, connecting and nurturing in her life, family and community.