Nicola has been birth for over 20 years helping women through their journeys alongside her own births and raising her family. Officially trained in 2002 with Michel Odent as one of the first Paramana Doulas, she was a founding member of the Scottish Doula Network, after she moved to Edinburgh, where she still resides. She works actively not only as a doula, but is also part of many different initiatives which promote natural childbirth. Becoming the main facilitator for the Mindful Doulas training programme, gave her the experience and push to found the Red Tent Doulas training initiative in 2014 which has taken off in several countries worldwide. Nicola is also the director of the Wysewomen workshops – a series of learning circles aimed at women sharing with women through storytelling, publications and healthy social media, to bring back traditional practices in our modern world. Red Tent now includes End of Life doula, traditional postpartum, TCM and educator preparation.As a very active member of the childbirth movement both within the UK and Europe, she can often be found co-teaching workshops with other midwives and doulas (Loving the Mother, Da A Luz), giving very eloquent, fluent talks at birth conferences and universities, giving amazing TED talks and generally offering endless time and
commitment to students, birthkeepers, mothers and birth activists to assist them on their journeys.
2019 saw Nicola release her first book 10 Oils: Aromatherapy Oils for the Childbearing Year.
Red Tent has always worked hard to make sure everyone has access to good preparation and support when becoming a birthkeeper and also a parent. As a Muslim she’s seen that this is frequently inaccessible. Particularly providing a safe space for those who have failed to find one before. She works alongside national heroine Mars Lord to facilitate dialogue around race and medical disparities internationally. Her favourite workshop they co-facilitate is Cultural Safety for the Perinatal Period.
Nicola is a very direct and honest jewel of information who never ceases to inspire others to be the change they wish to see in the world.