Hello and a big warm welcome! My name’s Jolande and I’m a birth and postnatal Doula based in Birmingham.
I’m a Holistic Massage Therapist and Reflexologist who became obsessed with all things pregnancy and birth through my own lived experiences with my two children.
I enjoy a lot of music, in particular Jazz, Reggae, Folk, Alternative, Indie & Kirtan. I’m also partial to a nice orchestral cello piece! I love to cook, so be warned, you WILL end up with delicious meals and decadent bakes on a regular basis. I also appreciate a good theatrical production.
I completed my Doula training under the instruction of Abuela Doula’s Mars Lord in June 2020. And I provide support to pregnant people, birthing individuals, new parents and their partners/families across the West & East Midlands. (International clients are welcome. Please contact me directly to discuss your needs).
I’m passionate about supporting people through fertility, pregnancy, birth and beyond. And I truly believe that everyone deserves to have a positive birth experience and a nurturing postnatal period no matter what that may look like for you.
My main area of interest is surrounding postnatal care. Often overlooked but not to be undervalued, the postnatal period is a time for rest, recovery, bonding & nurturing.
I often describe myself as a home away from home. So come on in, put your feet up and let’s enjoy a cuppa whilst we discuss your wants, needs and desires.