Arlene is a birth doula and activist for the empowerment of birth justice for women and in particular women of colour.  She has been a birth worker for almost 3 decades and has guided and supported women not only as doula, but in their preparation for birth through, yoga and antenatal workshops that she offers to couples.  She believes that knowledge is power, but also that the body holds the wisdom and that given the right support and trust that the woman will be able to tap into that internal wisdom to birth powerfully.  She creates the safe space needed.  Arlene is a advocate of breastfeeding and she will help you get off to a good start with breastfeeding. She has currently participated in many zoom discussions through this covid19 pandemic with her local MVP and East London Maternity Services.  Arlene also teaches Yoga Workshops for Retreats and runs regular Yoga Nidra sessions.