I’m Amalia and I’m a community organiser, postnatal doula and mama to Kamilo born in 2019.

I prepared well for birth, gathering all the tools and knowledge I would need for an empowering and peaceful experience. However, I totally neglected to think about what I would need after the baby had been born. My own mother died a few years ago and I found myself especially needing her support and guidance during this time.

I felt compelled to learn more about how to support myself and other new parents during this immensely transitional period, while also channeling my abuelas’ postpartum knowledge and traditions from Chile and Bangladesh.

My aim is to make new parents feel seen and heard during their journey of rediscovering themselves in a new role, while also helping them harness their innate parenting wisdom. My services are for all birthing people, inclusive of trans and non-conforming mamas and papas.